A new bill could protect your right to build a race car

We car enthusiast love building and racing cars. We love the smell of burning rubber. You could even say race fuel and e85 runs through our veins. Well the Environmental Protection Agency has always been butting heads with us (car guys). Although most believe that we should take care of this world we live in we have to have live a little. Why not build a gas guzzling twin turbo V8 and speed down the strip?

Based on the current laws it’s difficult to build a race car without running into some issues. If the EPA would have it we’d have to hang up our keys and find a new hobby. With certain emission laws it can be said that some of our vehicles can be deemed illegal. Have you deleted the catalytic converter in your downpipe? The EPA probably wouldn’t be too happy to find that out.

That being said a new act was introduced in the United States House of Representatives on Monday. The bill which is called the House Resolution 5434, or the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports (RPM) is set to protect those who modify their cars. The bill will be used to,

amend the Clean Air Act to provide an exemption from certain anti-tampering provisions for certain actions for modifying a motor vehicle that is not legal for operation on a street or highway and is to be used solely for competition, and for other purposes.

It should help those who build race cars and prevent them from getting in trouble for straight piping their ride. SEMA who most know is hugely integrated with car culture endorsed the bill. SEMA President and CEO Chris Kersting said

SEMA looks forward to working with Congress to enact the RPM Act and make permanent the Clean Air Act’s original intention that race vehicle conversions are legal,… We thank Representatives McHenry and Ruiz for introducing a bipartisan bill that will protect racing and the businesses that produce, install, and sell the parts that enable racers to compete.

If this bill passes it could mean a better future for car enthusiasts. Also it looks like the bill would protect cars that are used for competition and are not legal for road use. What do you think about the bill? Let us know in the comments below!

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Source: TheDrive

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  1. The auto industry, and car enthusiasts would greatly appreciate the ability to keep doing upgrades and modifications to our vehicles. Please do not pass the RPM Act!!


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