Father was fined $10,000 because his toddler damaged 10 brand new Audis.

When you go to a car dealership you presume that the cars will be in perfect condition. They usually get shipments of new cars regularly. They also like to put their pride and joys on the show-floor so people can see them and possibly make a purchase. Well an incident happened at one dealership and cost a Father $10,000.

A Chinese couple had accompanied a friend to an Audi dealership. They brought their three year old toddler along with them. At some point during the visit the toddler started drawling on the new cars with a rock she had found. She managed to damage 10 cars, one of which was an Audi Q8.

The dealership sued the couple for damages. They originally sued for $28,000. This was the the cost of the damages and extra to cover the fact the cars were no longer considered new. Because they would have to be repainted by law they could not list the cars as new.

The court denied the original amount of $28,000 and they settled with $10,000. What would you do if you caught your kid damaging cars at a dealership. We do have to mention that a parent probably should have been watching their child. This could probably have been avoided. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Funny enough this story reminds us of the meme below

Source: The Drive

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