A mechanic finds a tracker on a woman’s car

With today’s technology, you never know when you are being tracked. It kind of makes you wonder when you see an ad online for something when you and your friends were just talking about it. Whether or not some things are purely coincidental one mechanic actually found something disturbing.

A woman pulled into a shop and asked them to take a look at her car. She told the mechanic that she was afraid she had a “tracker in her vehicle from a crazy ex-boyfriend.” It’s not certain whether the boyfriend had been constantly showing up where she was but it turns out her suspicions were true.

After the car was on the lift the mechanic who is TikTok user @kaos_noe found a strange device near the rear of the car. It had a QR code which he scanned with his phone. The code brought up Google search with some references to a tracking device. Needless to say, someone was tracking her.

Some commentors on the TikTok video thanked kaos_noe for posting the video. It raised awareness that anyone can put a tracker on your vehicle. While this all sounds like a movie it really does happen. Are you concerned about someone putting a tracker on your car? What are your thoughts?



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