Whistlin Diesel drops his Toyota Hilux from 10,000 feet

In Whistlin Diesel’s latest series he’s been testing a Toyota Hilux. The original and best Top Gear showcased the vehicle and showed how indestructible it is. At one point then ended up dropping the vehicle from 200 feet. It managed to survive.

Whistlin Diesel decided to test the vehicle’s capabilities himself. He has put the truck through multiple scenarios which would leave today’s trucks on the side of the road. In his most recent test, which is test #4 he, decides to drop the Toyota Hilux from a height of 500 feet.

With help from the well-known Diesel Brothers they lift the truck up to 500 feet using a helicopter. They release the truck and it plummets to the ground. The truck which was once thought to be indestructible gets smashed quite a bit.

While they don’t actually try to start it up to see if it still drives, odds are the truck is toast. With that in mind, they drop the truck one more time. This time the height is 10,000 feet. They decided to get this drop in quickly because apparently it costs $100,000 a minute to keep both the lifting helicopter and the filming helicopter in the air.

On the second drop the Toyota Hilux freefalls for over 20 seconds. That is before it lands on all fours. Unfortunately, the force of the impact turns the truck into what looks like a pancake. While the truck is mostly indestructible a fall from that height left it no chance.


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