A man bought a car from a government auction and found $300k of heroin in the trunk

A man from Alabama was looking online for a deal on a car on a government auction site. You can usually find cars for cheap so when he spotted a Ford Taurus for $500 he had to have it. He was purchasing the car for his foster child. Little did he know what all came with the car.

The man won the auction and finalized his purchase. He was told that the car was full of crap. In addition everything inside belonged to him and they told he that he was good to go. He towed the car back to Alabama. After he started cleaning out the car he opened the trunk and found a walmart bag filled with two heavily taped objects.

Eventually he figured out that some thing suspicious was going on. He ended up taking the packages to his local sheriffs department. They told him that the bag was filled with wo kilos of heroin worth approximately $300,000. Lucky they believed his story or he might’ve been spending sometime in the slammer. Have you every purchased a car from an auction? Did you find anything good inside?


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