How to clean car tires

Do you love having a clean car? If you’ve ever asked how to clean car tires then you’re in luck. Below we have shared a step-by-step guide to cleaning car tires. You can have a clean car body but if the wheels are covered in dirt your car won’t look its best.

By cleaning your car’s tires you get that new car look. Whether you are going to a car show or just like showing off your ride than having clean shoes for your car makes all the difference.

How to clean car tires without water

What to use

1. Prep

The first step is to make sure that you are in a well-lit area. If you don’t have enough light you might end up missing areas of your tires. It would suck showing up to a car show just to have a portion of your tires covered in grime.

2. Clean

The next step is to start cleaning the tires. You can spray the NONSENSE ALL PURPOSE CLEANER and allow it to soak for 5-10 seconds. This will loosen up the dirt which will make it easier to clean your tires. Using a tire brush like the BLUE STIFFY BRUSH you can agitate the dirt in a circular motion. You will begin to see the dirt moving around which lets you know that your materials are doing their job.

3. Wipe

Using a WORKHORSE PROFESSIONAL GRADE MICROFIBER TOWEL you can wipe the tire clean of the dirt. After you’ve wiped the tire check for any spots you’ve missed. If you find any you can spray the Nonsense cleaner and start again.

4. Apply

The next step is to start making your tires shine. You can use a tire dressing like BLUE GUARD WET LOOK DRESSING. Apply a few dots to a WAX & DRESSING UFO APPLICATOR and prepare to apply it to your tires.

5. Work

Begin by working in the dressing onto your tire. Apply an even layer to completely cover the tire. By adding the tire dressing you will increase the shine of the tire. In addition, dirt and grime will be repelled which will keep your tires looking better longer.

6. Wipe

At this point, you should have clean shiny tires. Use a WORKHORSE PROFESSIONAL GRADE MICROFIBER TOWEL to wipe off any excess dressing. You can now pull up to a car meet with some wet-looking tires.

If you are wondering how to clean car tires when you have access to water you can follow the steps below to get the best wet-look.

How to clean car tires with water

What to use

1. Rinse

First you will want to rinse off the tires. This will remove some of the loose dirt and make it easier to apply cleaner to the tire. You can use a power washer if you have one available. Although you will want to make sure that you use a lower power setting. Power washers can damage paint and other car parts.

2. Wash

Next you can use your STICKY CITRUS WHEEL CLEANER GEL and BLUE STIFFY BRUSH FOR TIRES to start scrubbing and applying the cleaner. Thoroughly scrub your tire and agitate the dirt. Periodically rinse your brush off in your BUCKET of water. This will allow some of the dirt in the brush to fall into the bucket. Otherwise you are just moving dirt around on the tire.

3. Rinse

After you scrubbed the tire you can rinse it off. Use your water hose or power washer to spray off all of the dirt. Next make sure that you removed all of the dirt. If you still have some spots you can use your tire cleaner and brush and scrub whatever is left. Rinse until your tire is clean.

4. Apply Dressing

Cleaning your tires is a good idea. Although if you want that wet-look then you’ll want to apply a dressing. The BLUE GUARD WET LOOK DRESSING will provide a superior shine which will make your ride look great. Pulling up to a car meet with a clean ride is always bound to turn heads. Apply the dressing to your WAX & DRESSING UFO APPLICATOR and evenly cover the tire. After the tire is covered you can wipe of any excess with a WORKHORSE PROFESSIONAL GRADE MICROFIBER TOWEL.

If you are wondering how to clean car tires you can use any of the two methods above. Depending on your circumstance you may not have access to a hose. Whether you are at home or on the go having the right materials can help you get that wet-look from your tires.

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