A Hummer burst into flames after the owner was stockpiling fuel

All over the United States people are freaking out about gas shortages. You see videos all over of people filling different containers with fuel. It is extrememly unsafe to fill containers with fuel when they aren’t certified.

That isn’t stopping people from buying as much gas as they can transport. If everyone hadn’t been freaking out there might have never been a shortage. That aside people are filling their rides to the brim with containers of gas.

One Hummer owner found out the hard way after he stock piled his SUV with gasoline. Four-five gallon containers where found in the trunk. It was alleged that the driver decided it would be smart to light a cigarette in his car.

The combination of the fire and the gas fumes lead to the Hummer exploding in flames. It all happened in Florida which isn’t surprising. In addition, no injuries were reported. It just goes to show that you shouldn’t stockpile gasoline and if you are transporting the flammable liquid you should do it in a certified container.

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