Can you get a ticket for watching street racing?

Have you ever wanted to attend a street race? Maybe you’ve watched some Fast and Furious movies and decided that you want to be part of the action. Did you know that in some states you can get a ticket for just watching a street race?

What is street racing?

Street racing usually refers to to cars racing on public roads. Sometimes its a race from a dead stop which is called a “dig.” Another form of street racing is a “roll race” Roll racing is a race where you start from a specific speed.

Typically two cars line up on an abandoned roadway. A person who is designated the flagger lines the cars up and counts down. By dropping his hands or flashing a light he starts the race and the cars speed off. Depending on the length of the road the race might be 1/8 or 1/4 of a mile.

Whichever car completes the pass the quickest is the victor. If betting was involved the loser pays up. Street racing is usually very secretive because it is considered illegal and it can be dangerous at times.

Why is street racing considered dangerous

Street racing is considered dangerous for a number of reason. It’s a uncontrolled race which means there are a lot of factors that can cause an accident. From people watching from the sideline to cars losing control there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

Car parts can break and one car can run into another. At the track there are barriers to keep the cars from running into spectators. Although in street racing you are doing this activities on a public road. You never know if someone is going to walk into the road.

If the area has traffic you don’t know if someone is going out ahead of you. Street racing can be deadly at times so you must be sure things are done safely. Plus you have to realize that if something goes wrong you may end up in jail.

Is street racing illegal?

Street racing is illegal. Most racers know this but the reward outways the risk. From getting a title of being faster to winning money in a bet some see what they win on the street better than the risk they are making. Street racing is illegal because crashes and even fatal accidents can happen.

In certain states you can get long jail time if you are caught being involved in a street race. If your car was caught on video that can be evidence used against you. You don’t want to get charged with vehicular homicide if someone dies.

Although this isn’t going to stop some from racing. Just be sure you are going things safely.

Can you get a ticket for watching a street race

In some states you can get a ticket for watching a street race. Heck you can even get arrested in certain states for just witnessing a street race. While it might be fun to watch or engage in a street race there are always risks involved.

How to attend a street race

If you are looking to attend a street race you first need to get i”in” with your loca car community. Get to know people and talk about cars. Soon you’ll fine out where and when races go down. You might even be invited to go to Mexico.

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