A woman got set on fire after hoarding gas in a Pontiac G6. Yes, another one

A woman in North Carolina is recovering after she got set on fire. Just like this Hummer which was hoarding gas we had a another individual who suffers an even worse fate. The woman had stored a sizeable about of gas in a Pontiac g6.

The incident escalated after the police saw that the car was driving with stolen plates. They attempted to pull her over but she decided to lead them on a chase. The driver, a 28-year-old South Carolina woman eventually lost control and flipped the car.

In addition in being in a high speed crash the large amount of gasoline which was stored in the car caught fire. The woman who was probably soaked in gas caught fire. Police stated that they heard multiple explosions from inside the vehicle.

Police were able to put her out by pushing her on the ground. She was then transported to a local hospital. The moral of the story is stop hoarding gas and don’t run from the cops.

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