Whistlindiesel drives his Monster Max truck into the Gulf of Mexico

Whistlindiesel is an automotive Youtube channel known for doing some crazy stunts. In one video he drove his Duramax truck with paddle tires on public roads. They provide some pretty entertaining content so be sure to check them out!

Recently Whistlindiesel drove his truck called “Monstermax” into the Gulf of Mexico. While most think he’d destroy his truck after getting the truck completely submerged he had a trick up his sleeve.

They mounted multiple big tires on the truck. The tires provided enough buoyancy to keep Monstermax afloat. Arriving at a boat dock in Florida and started switching to the big tires. The size of the tires were so large that they had to transport the truck with smaller wheels and swap them out when they arrived.

While there were in the boating area they were approached by security and law enforcement. While they weren’t too keen on the idea they let them go anyway. The Whistlindiesel Monster Max pulls into the water and starts sailing along.

While this is happening the Coast Guard, EPA, DNR and Sheriffs all showed up. Whistlindiesel was able to film their video and make it back to land without too many issues. Although it turns out that the registration for the vehicle wasn’t 100% correct so they got fined $70. Overall we think it was a successful mission and really entertaining to watch. Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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