What’s the best radar detector under 200?

If you are like us you want to avoid speeding tickets at all costs. There’s nothing like being late for work and having to speed to get there on time. Before you know it blue and red lights start flashing behind you. Avoid this headache by purchasing the best radar detector under 200.

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61P4tVXeCJL._AC_SL1200_ Cobra RAD 480i Laser Radar Detector – Front and rear detection
– Long Range
– IVT Filter
– Early Warnings
– Full kit
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The Cobra RAD 480i is a steal. You can get one here for under $200! Why is it the best radar for the money? It provides the features and quality you’ve come to know from the Cobra brand


Front and rear detection

In earlier years police were able to gauge your speed by scanning you with a radar detector from up front. Although as technology has increased so has the power of radar guns. Now police can check you speed from the front an behind. With this Cobra RAD 480i radar detector you get protection on both sides. The LaserEye technology works in front and behind you. Have peace of mind that the detector is doing its job.

iRadar App

Connect your smartphone to the iRadar App. You can get instant alerts of road conditions. There are red light and speed cameras all over the place. Not to mention the police activity that seems to be happening every day. The iRadar app connects you to a community of over 3 million drivers. With all of the information the database holds you can avoid pesky tickets.

Long Range Detection

When you’re driving things move pretty fast. Before you know it you could be driving past some trees or vegetation. Sometimes police like to hide being theses things which can make it difficult to see them from a distance. With the radar detector you get long range detection. Detect radars from longer distance and avoid speed traps.

IVT Filter

The IVT filter is a technology that improves the detector. With some vehicles there are collision and blind spot detectors. If not for the IVT filter you radar might get false alarms. By adding this feature you can be sure that you are getting real detection.

Early Warnings

Another reason why the is the best radar detector under 200 is the processing power. The Digital Signal Processing provides quick and precise alerts. When you are driving on the highway sometimes you can reach 70MPH. You need a radar detector that has signals that can operate quicker. With the early warnings feature you can get fast alerts.

Full Kit

This radar comes with everything you’ll need. Wondering if you’ll need to buy something to mount the device? The kit comes with a mount for the windshield and one for the dash. You can place the detector wherever you please. It also includes a lengthy power cord which you can use to route power.



This radar detector is a steal at this price. You can tons of features for a bargain. While some radar detector can cost nearly $1000 this detector gives you everything you need at a fraction of the cost.


Cobra has been known to provide products of the highest quality. In addition the company has been around for more than 50 years. You can tell that they care about making the best products for consumers.


Lacking some features

There are some features that the radar is lacking compared to more expensive models. Although at this price point it has a reasonable amount.


In conclusion we consider this the best radar detector under 200. For the price it provides amazing quality and usability. By spending under $200 on the best budget radar detector you can save yourself thousands in speeding tickets.

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