Guy tries to repossess truck. The owner doesn’t let it go without a fight

Most of us have missed a payment on something in our lifetime. Maybe you forgot about a bill. Maybe you were a little short on cash. If you are late on your car payment they can come repossess the car.

That’s what happen to one Ford Super Duty owner. He was late on a few payments so the company came back to collect the car. The owner decided that he wasn’t going to let them take it.

He gets in his truck and tries to drive away. He continuously tries to drive the truck forward so he can unhook it from the tow truck. At some point he manages to gain some traction.

This in combination with the weight difference makes the truck strong enough to yank the tow truck. You can see that the tow truck is being pulled enough to do a wheelie. The engine starts smoking in the Super Duty. At that point the guy puts it in reverse and tries to ram the tow truck. It actually appears he gets the truck unhooked before the video cuts out.

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