What’s the best car scissor lift for sale?

When looking for a car scissor lift for sale, you should browse through the online shops that sell car accessories. Moreover, you can ask from the local stores as the dealers will know which car scissor will suit your needs. If you are used to getting your car supplies from the local store, you might have built rapport with the sellers, and it makes it easier to ask them about the specific car scissors you need. However, my research on car scissors could meet your needs; read on and chose for yourself the type of scissors that best suits your car.

1. BendPak QuickJack BL-5000SLX Portable Lift — 110 Volt, two 1/2-Ton Capacity, Model# BL-5000SLX 110V

This car scissor lift has an impressive 5 000-lb capacity and is very collapsible to a low level up to 3inches from the ground. It can fit where other jacks cannot and is ideal for lifting your car. Moreover, you do not need to assemble the set-up as it offers a practical and portable body that is pre-assembled. When using it, you start by positioning its frames on the ground below the vehicle and push a button to raise the frames, which lift the car to almost 2 feet from the ground within seconds. You can use a remote to control the bottom that raises the frame and let the car settle at the height that you will be comfortable working with; moreover, it has safety position bars that lock the car in position. The car lift has an open-center design which gives clear under-vehicle access. Additionally, its frames are strong with a durable powder finishing which makes it elegant. Furthermore, it has hydraulic cylinders integrated with velocity fuse and safety valves, and you do not have to worry when working under your car.

2. K & L UTV/ATV Scissor Lift — 6600-Lb. Capacity, 45 inches. Lift Height, Model# 35-9770

This car lift is ideal for tire services and narrow bays and can carry up to 6600 lb capacity. Moreover, the scissor lift is designed for ease of movement. It has a manual safety lock that releases a dual cylinder structure which ensures stable lowering and lifting of the vehicle. It has a 24-V safe control system with a height switch limit which ensures safety when working under your car. Its bushing and bearing are self-lubricated, which ensures efficiency in lifting the car. The body is finished with a powder coat that safeguards against rusting and ensures longevity. Its features include a scissor lift with a mobile proofed through a static test and has an overall width of 40 inches and performance platform of (L* W of 84*40) inches. It can lift to about 45 inches from the ground and collapse to about 5 inches from the ground and comes with a one-year warranty.

3. BendPak Portable Low-Rise Car Lift — 6000-Lb. Capacity, Model# LR-60P

You can turn your parking space into a service bay with BendPak Portable scissors car lift, and the lift has a dropped crossbar, which gives an extra drive-over clearance. The system is hand-free and automatic, ensuring that you will be safe while operating the vehicle. The body is made of a heavy-duty steel frame, ensuring that the lift does not collapse while working under the vehicle. The button will lift the car in 36 inches, attaining a height of 27 inches and a collapsible height of 4 inches. This scissors lift can carry about 6000lb and comes with a one-year warranty, and you can get yours today from the local store or online dealers.

4. BendPak Low-Rise Car Lift — 6000-Lb. Capacity, Model# LR-60

The LR-60 BendPak scissor car lift model operates on an electric power system and is hands-free as it lifts the car with the press of a remote that controls the lifting and lowering button on the frame. Moreover, it can lift about 6000 lbs. and requires about 110/220V, 50/60 Hz power to operate the scissors uplift. Additionally, the lift has a convenient rubber lift block that adds versatility to your scissors car lift and minimizes damage on your vehicle undercarriage. The frame has four durable rubber placed on each side of the set, ensuring a smooth low-rise lift for your car. Its platform size is (L*W of 82*70) inches, and the lift pad dimension is 82*52 inches. It can lift the car to a height of 29 inches, collapse it to 4 inches, and come with a one-year warranty, and you can get yours from the local car accessory shop or online platforms.

5. BendPak® QuickJack BL-5000SLX Portable Lift — 12 Volt, two 1/2-Ton Capacity, Model# BL-5000SLX 12X DC

This BendPak scissor car lift model will reach a total rise within eighteen seconds, and the lift is hands-free. The center is open, and no cross members that could distract one when working under the car. Moreover, it has quick connect and disconnect hoses, and the safety locks engage automatically when one lifts their car. It has a string 14-ga welded steel frame that is durable and does not get rust making it durable and reliable. Moreover, the eight adjustable rubber lift blocks ensure that the car is safe when lifted and lowered. Its compact design allows for easy stowing in the trunk and back seat when the car is not in use. This scissors car lift is integrated with power-assistance canisters, increasing the lowering speed and hydraulic cylinders fitted with velocity fuse valves.

6. BendPak Quatra Wheel Alignment Scissor Truck and Car Lift — 12,000-Lb. Capacity, Model# XR-12000A

The BendPak Quartra True Vertica; alignment scissors offer effective lifting to your car, increasing the working space and saving the floor space. The equipment might require a forklift on the site for unloading and might in a lift gate as it is enormous. Therefore it might be ideal for service bays and shops and can be used for commercial purposes. It allows you to auto-level safety locks with a pneumatic push-button release with a flush and recess mount. It can lift the car to a maximum height of 74 inches and a collapsed height of 6 inches. The scissors lift comes with a one-year warranty, and you can get yours in the online shops or a car accessory store near you for commercial use.

7. ESCO 2 1/2-Ton miniLIFT Classic Mobile Lift with 2 Jack Stands — Model# 92055

This car scissors can carry 50000-lbs, and is designed for most automobiles and light pickup trucks, SUVs, and small to medium vans. Its wheel kit allows the user to move the lift and the vehicle all tighter, and the pivot exceptionally maneuvers the lifting process. The car lift uses the pneumatic lift design, has a maximum lift height of 25 inches, and can collapse to 5 inches.

8. BendPak Flush-Mount Full-Rise Scissor Lift — 7000-Lb.Capacity, Model# SP-7XLF

The BendPak scissor car lift model uses an equalization torsion and pneumatic safety locks with hardened pivot pins and ergonomic controls. The center is open and free from distractions that could prevent one from adequately fixing the car wheels effectively. The scissor lift can carry about 7000 lbs. with a maximum lift height of 70ninches, and it can collapse to the floor. You can order yours from the store and enjoy the ability to lift heavier trucks and enjoy its one-year warranty.

9. BendPak Low-Rise Open-Center Electric/Hydraulic Pit Lift — 9000-Lb. Capacity, Model# P-9000LTF

This is a heavy-duty scissor far lift with 1.5HP and 1 phase motor, which can be easily converted and allows you to fast-lube the tires. It is fitted with an electronic-push button, making the user attain a single-hand operation when lifting the car. Moreover, the car lift is fitted with a durable rubber-topped pad surface which provides a quick set-up and a maximum hydraulic pressure of 2800psi.

The Bottom Line

This list of car scissors for sale can help you decide on the car scissors that will meet your needs. If you did not find the specific product, you could still ask your car accessory supplier. Good luck in finding the car scissors lift that will work for your car.

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