The new 2022 Nissan “Z” reportedly has 400hp and is only $34,995

It seems like whenever the time comes for a car to be released to the public there is always predictions as to the details While in most instances the guesses are off we have some interesting details from one forum member on

The member who has only been part of the forum since March 25th, 2021 supposedly has some insider details on the car. The 2022 coupe will simply be called the “Z.” Although in Japan the car will have the name “Fairlady Z.”

The Nissan Z will start off at $34,995 which is well below its competition. In comparison, the GR Supra 2.0 goes for $42,990. In addition, the Z will have 400hp which is 18hp more than the 3.0 Supra. 400hp is standard in all of the Z’s packages.

The Nissan Z will have two packages available. The S package and the T package. The S package will reportedly have, “Brembo brake upgrades, thicker sways, coolers, other stuff.” While the T package will have, “Leather, Power Seats, Heated and Cooled, Auto cruise, blind spot, etc.”

You have the option to add both packages to the car. Hence the car becomes the ST version. Not to be mistaken by Ford’s ST models. Each package is set to cost around $5k. It isn’t certain if there will be a discount if you opt for the ST version.

The 400hp powerplant is the VR30DDTT engine which is in the Infiniti Q50s. You’ll have the option of mating the engine with the six-speed transmission from the 370z or a nine-speed Mercedes-Benz 9G-Tronic which has a torque converter.

The car is said to practically be a 370z with a body kit and an engine swap. Although the “chassis was massaged…….heavily (more aluminum, more bracing, carbon fiber).” There is reportedly a Nismo variant that will become available. Although unlike last time this won’t be just a body kit. You’ll get and exhaust modifications, a tune, and some badges.

We hope that all of this comes to fruition. Who wouldn’t love this tiny car with 400hp from the factory? While it all sounds good make sure that you take it with a grain of salt. What do you think about this new information? Will you be ordering your car? Let us know in the comments!


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