What’s a ricer fart can exhaust?

Have you ever been to a car meet or around someone who likes cars? Chances are they talked about a ricer fart can exhaust. No this doesn’t refer to someone farting in a can. It’s car guy lingo which refers to a certain type of exhaust.

What is a ricer fart can exhaust? This term refers to a cheap exhaust muffler that makes a car sound terrible. The sound could sound very similar to a fart. In addition, they look the same and are easily spotted.

Car guys enjoy modifying their cars. Things like, wheels, tires and suspension are some of the parts that they change. Another common modification is an exhaust. Some pay thousands for a name-brand exhaust.

These expensive exhausts can come with premium alloys and very distinct sounds. Others who are on a budget may just cut out the muffler and put a straight pipe. While this is usually illegal it’s a very common practice.

For those wanting to modify their exhaust for the low but don’t want to straight pipe the car they can add a cheap muffler. These mufflers can be found on eBay and Amazon. In most cases, these exhausts can be bought for as little as $40.

These cheap exhausts are usually called ricer fart cans because they sound terrible. They really don’t provide any performance benefits. They don’t look the best either. Although, this doesn’t stop people from installing them on their cars.

Keep in mind that your car is yours and you should feel find modifying it however you like.

Ricer fart can exhaust can be installed on any car. Most of the cars sporting these exhausts are Hondas. This is one reason while Hondas get a bad wrap. The cars themselves are fine but the way that some modify them makes the brand look bad.

The smoke from the exhaust of a car when the engine starts.

What is a ricer?

A ricer refers to a car that is modified with things that are outside the norm of mainstream car culture. Things like overly chrome exterior pieces, fake hood scoops, under glows, and more are parts that can label your car a ricer.

It’s one thing to have tasteful mods. Some on the other hand overdo the modifications and it makes the car look gaudy. When you think of the word ricer you should equate it with the word gaudy.

gaud·y1/ˈɡôdēxtravagantly bright or showy, typically so as to be tasteless.”silver bows and gaudy ribbons”


Hopefully, you now understand what a ricer fart can exhaust means. These exhausts don’t really add to the vehicle. They don’t make the car sound better and they give the car a reason to be hate on. But, it’s your car and you should make it however you see fit.

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