What does LS swap mean?

You see it all over the internet but maybe you’re wondering what do LS swap mean. If you aren’t car enthusiast or mechanic it might be confusing. People always talk about LS swapping stuff. From cars to trucks to lawn mowers, everything can be LS swapped.

What is an LS

ls engine

General Motors adds the code LS to some of their engines. Based off the letters it defines different options. So you might have an LS or LT so on so forth. When someone says LS they are referring to an gasoline combustion engine.

What do they mean by swap?

In the automotive world it is common for people to swap out their engines. They could be changing out the engine because something went wrong. On the other hand putting in a stronger engine can increase the speed of the car.

While it isn’t the easiest to swap an engine in a car if you have enough money you can swap any engine into any car. With most Hondas there engines are interchangeable. The set up that the cars have are pretty modular. This means it doesn’t take that many modifications to swap out an engine. Although that really depends on what engine and what car you’re using.

What does ls swap mean?

LS swap refers to swapping a GM LS engine into a vehicle. The vehicle doesn’t matter. All over the internet LS swapping has become a meme. You could even consider it trolling.

Say for instance someone is having an issue with their lawn mower. In most cases you’d either have to replace parts on the mower or even buy another engine. As a joke you may get some people that tell you to just LS swap it.

While it wouldn’t be impossible it doesn’t make much sense to put a car engine on a lawn mower. Unless it’s a riding mower and you want to race it the monstrosity would be pretty useless.

Next time someone tells you to LS your car you’ll know what they are talking about. It’s just a fun car guy joke that goes around. Heck why not just LS swap the world? What would you LS swap? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Nice explanation LOL.I always thought it meant swapping it out for a Lexus engine since those are reliable. I should ls swap my boat.


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