What does gapplebees mean?

Have you been to a race or a car meet and heard someone talk about gapplebees? What does gapplebees mean? Well don’t worry. It is sort of a new car guy term which you can find all throughout the automotive sector.

What does gapplebees mean? It means that you are beating someone in a race. You are creating a large gap between you and your opponent which will result in you winning by a landslide.

What is gapped?

When someone races their car and leaves their opponent in the dust you would consider that getting gapped. It means that there is a significant gap in between when the first and the second car crossed the finish line.

If a car only gets beat by a car length it is usually considered a close race. Although when a person gets beat by a bus or even a train length you would say that that person got gapped. It is just another way of saying they got their butts handed to them.

What does gapplebees mean

When someone says that you got taken to gapplebees it means that you lost the race by a lot. Someone could even say that they are going to take you to gapplebees. They might even give you a slice of gapperoni pizza with some gapsauce. In other words they are saying that their car is faster than yours. If you try to race them they might leave you in the dust.

There are different ways that people say you lost a race. They could say that you lost by a landslide. Losing by a landslide is the equivalent to getting gapped in a race. Gapping can happen at the track although it more closely related to street racing. While it has nothing to do with the Applebee’s restaurant it is still funny car slang that petrol heads use.

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