Video shows the moment when a bus filled with kids gets overturned

Getting in a car accident can be a scary ordeal. It’s even worse when your vehicle gets overturned. Well for a bus driver and his passengers they are lucky to see another day. While on their way to their destination their bus got overturned.

A 42 year old man named Joseph Thornton was driving on a suspended license. He was in his 1966 Ford Mustang when he decided to run a stoplight. The bus, which we believe was traveling perpendicular to the mustang, ended up colliding with the vehicle.

The video below shows the entire ordeal. From the initial impact to the occupants being suspended in midair you can see what happens when people don’t pay attention when they drive. The 74 year old bus driver was wearing the only seatbelt on the vehicle. He and the kids on the bus were able to escape through the hatch in the roof of the bus.

Some of the kids and the bus driver were transported to a local hospital for minor injuries while the driver of the mustang suffered major injuries and was transported as well.

Source: NBC4i

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