Dealership finds crack cocaine while working on a customer’s truck

For some reason people think that mechanics like going through their cars. They suspect that some mechanics are trying to steal loose change from them or pocket valuables they find. While this is usually not the case in this one instance these nosey mechanics could have saved someone’s life.

While a car was being serviced at a dealership in Bryan, Texas, the technicians noticed something suspicious. The workers contacted the local police department and reported that they found some cocaine in a customer’s car. After the car was worked on the owner of the vehicle, Jeanfreau Strange, drove off.

Soon police caught up with him and stopped his vehicle in a nearby parking lot. After the K9 alerted that there were drugs inside the vehicle police found some marijuana and crack cocaine in individual bags. Police also found three cellphones, $1500 in cash and razor blades.

Strange was arrested and charged on a manufacturing drug charge as well as delivery and marijuana possession.

Source: KBTX

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