Tire coffee table review

Are you a mechanic or car enthusiast? If you love automotive inspired decor you’re going to love this tire coffee table. There nothing like have some car stuff that fits into your everyday life.

il_1140xN.2482577721_2fd5 Tire Coffee Table
  • Perfect for any mancave
  • Genuine racing wheel and tire
  • Conversation starter

Car inspired furniture can be a conversation starter. In addition this big tire tread coffee table will work great in your garage or living room.

Tire coffee table


Genuine wheel and tire

The table is made with a real wheel and tire. The two come from a stock car and showcase the Hoosier brand. As you can see from the photos the wheel is a weld style which shows its authenticity.

Talking point

This is a unique piece that will always start a conversation. The tire coffee table is designed around the automotive scene. Anyone who is interested in the automotive industry will appreciate this table.

Tire coffee table


This is a full size tire and wheel. You can make this table the center of any great room. It will also work in your den or man cave. The table has a height of 20 Inches a width of 30 Inches and a depth 30 Inches.



This tire coffee table can be customized. Although you can request a different size glass top based on your preference.

Tire coffee table

Perfect Center piece

Above all this table is perfect for any man-cave or garage. It showcases that you are interested in cars. In addition the tire table provides a nice place to set down items.


This tables are ready to ship. There is no wait time on construction. Everything is ready to go right when your order.

Tire coffee table


Tire brand

If you aren’t a fan of Hoosier Tires you may not want this in your front room. The branding can’t be adjusted.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion if you are looking for a tire coffee table for your garage then look no further. This tire tread coffee table provides you with a place to set your drinks. It also a unique piece which is sure to spark up a conversation. Plus you have to admit it looks pretty cool!

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