Suspected catalytic converter thief gets shot and dragged into a field to die

The number of catalytic converter thefts is at an all time high. These metal devices help clean the exhaust gases before they exit into the atmosphere. The precious metal inside the converters is why they fetch such a high price. It’s a quick buck for thieves who simply have to cut them off vehicles and sell them to metal scrapyards.

While it is quick money there are still many risks involved with the activities. Plenty of people die when the cars they are stealing from falls on them. They are crushed to death. One thief was caught in the act.

Although in this instance, he probably didn’t envision what would happen next. The owner of the truck was sleeping inside when he heard a noise underneath. The owner opened the door and saw the man’s feet sticking out from under his car.

He grabbed his firearm and shot the man twice. The man was apparently lying under the F150 trying to cut off the catalytic converter. The thief that was shot tried to make it back to his car before he collapsed. The owner of the truck then tied the man up to the ball hitch of his F150 and drug the man 400 feet before abandoning him in an open field.

The man died and the scene and the owner of the truck were arrested and charged with second-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping. The owner of the car had a prior felony which means he wasn’t even allowed to be in possession of a gun. It seems as though they were both in the wrong.


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