Streetspeed717 puts some mud tires on a Dodge Challenger

The Youtuber Streetspeed717 is known for doing some pretty outlandish stuff. A while back he launched his brand new Dodge Ram TRX off a jump resulting in the truck being destroyed. Evidently he didn’t think the truck was worth repairing seeing as he set in on fire in a later video.

The Youtuber whos name is Mike is back at it again with another crazy stunt. Mike ends up grabbing a Dodge Challenger and slaps some 44-inch mud tires on the muscle car. It looks as though it would have been too much work to get the tires to fit into the fenders,

Tis is precisely why they decided to just have the tires outside of the wheel wells. He gets the extra distance adding some wheel spacers. After having some offroad fun in the snow the car ends up getting stuck. While the car had mud tires a rear wheel drive car with no weight in the back is no good at getting traction.


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