Sears sells DieHard automotive brand to Advanced Auto Parts

sears sold diehard brand to advanced automotive

Sears has been a victim to a downward spiral the past several years. Due to financial issues they have had to close a majority of their stores nationwide. In addition the company was bought out by Transform Holdco. They have been selling off as many assets as they can.

Craftsman which was once a brand of Sears was sold to Black and Decker Inc. They just recently it was announced that Sears’ automotive related brand was sold to Advanced Auto Parts. The DieHard brand doesn’t refer to the Die Hard movies but more so the batteries and automotive item Sears sold.


Advanced Auto Parts plans on brining the DieHard batteries into their 4,800 stores. Advanced bought the brand for 200 million USD. In the agreement Sears can still sell DieHard products as long as they aren’t automotive related.

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