Guy drops his Mercedes AMG G63 from a helicopter.

If you’re able to purchase an expensive car you’re one of the lucky few. Especially when it’s a Mercedes AMG G63. The G63 cost roughly $270,000. If you do own one of these luxury cars you usually do the best to keep them in good shape. A guy in Russia decided he didn’t like his G63 anymore so he dropped it from a helicopter.

The youtuber who goes by the name Morozup purchased the truck in March of 2018. The past two years he’s had issues with the vehicle. Morozup has encountered multiple mechanical issues which includes a leaking door that allows wind into the cabin while he’s driving.

Morozup said that he wants you to image what you’d do if you had a phone that is frozen. In some cases people might throw it out of frustration. This is what he is planning on doing with the Mercedes. After some issue on setting up the stunt the day finally came where they could destroy the truck.

They took it to what appears to be an open field. Morozup has some fun in the snow one last time before they strap up the Mercedes and connect it to the helicopter. They fly the car up to 1500~ feet and drop it. You can watch as it falls to the ground. The video below shows the aftermath.

Source: Morozup

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