Tow truck driver arrested for trying to repossess cop’s car

Can you believe that a tow truck driver arrested for trying to repossess cop’s car? If you are missing payments on your car the bank has the right to repossess your car. Sometimes the bank hires a repo company to tow the car so they can secure their asset.

Jose Rodriguez was dispatched by his company to go pick up a Nissan. The person who was supposed to be making payments on the car was a New York City Detective. Jose arrived and hooked up the car to his tow truck. Soon after police showed up and arrested him.

The detective offered to give Jose the amount for the missing payment, but by law only the bank can accept payments. They ended up arresting him and charged him with Felony possession of stolen property. The police officers then dropped the Nissan off of the tow truck and let the detective drive off.

The police threw a boot on the tow truck. They also confiscated the truck’s cameras. Although some images were uploaded to the cloud before they could remove the cameras. While in court they had changed his felony charge to a misdemeanor. They said that he was arrested for not displaying a front plate and for not having a towing license.

Although in New York it’s not illegal to tow a vehicle for a repo without a license. Do you think the cops were in the wrong arresting Jose? Let us know what you think in the comments below! It is a shame that the tow truck driver arrested for trying to repossess the cop’s car.


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