People in Texas have been using their F150 Hybrids to power their homes.

Texas has been through some tough events the past two weeks. From the 130 car pile-up due to an ice storm to the rolling blackouts life in Texas hasn’t been the easiest. Some have been out of power for days which makes it troublesome trying to stay warm through the cold winter nights.

While some have been trying to huddle together to stay warm some have been using generators to power the essential appliances. By running a generator you can keep your house warm and keep your food from going bad in the fridge. If you have a strong enough generator you can even power your whole house.

A couple of Ford F150 Hybrid owners took it one step further. Their trucks are equipped with onboard generators. These generators are capable of producing 2.4KW of power. These PowerBoost Hybrid models are great for powering things like welders, angle grinders, and more.

Although while the power is out in Texas their owners are using the trucks to power their homes. One user from the forum made a post saying he used his truck to power his space heater, a toaster, and his fridge.

In addition, he was able to power his 75-inch tv and a freezer for “10-12 hours” per day. He heard a few of his neighbors firing up their traditional generators. Although in comparison his truck was much quieter. The gasoline engine of the truck for a little bit here and there to make sure that the truck’s batteries maintained their charge.

It’s not certain whether this creates excessive wear on the truck. Although having the ability to power appliances in your house even though the power is out is pretty awesome. Let us know what you think!


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