Mustang Engine Block Coffee Table Review

From getting new car parts to a day at the track car guys love everything automotive. We would guess that your significant other may not like you cluttering the house with car parts. Although you may be able to get away with this Mustang Engine Block Coffee Table.

Mustang and car lovers alike will enjoy taking a look at this piece of art. The table is constructed with a real Mustang engine. In addition it’s a huge conversation starter. Below we give a detailed review of the mustang engine block coffee table.



No plastic injected parts here! The coffee table is assembled with an old Ford Mustang engine. In addition the pistons are welded in place to provide the platform for the glass to sit on.

mustang engine block coffee table.



These tables are hand-made. Therefore you can trust that you are getting a product that is held to some of the highest standards. Meticulous planning and time goes into making sure that table provides the strength you need while keeping aesthetically pleasing.

Eye Catching

This mustang engine block coffee table provides eye catching decor which will spark up any room. No two tables are exactly alike so you know you are getting a unique piece. Show off that you’re a true car guy by making this a main piece of your man cave or den.


Wait time

Being a handmade piece there is a bit of a wait time. After you place your order they will start making your table. If you can hold out though the wait is definitely worth it.


If you’re a real mustang lover or even an avid car enthusiast you’re going to love this piece. We think this mustang engine coffee table would make a good addition to any car guy’s home. Plus it just looks awesome!

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