What’s the best subscription box for car guys?

Car guys all around love to receive automotive related stuff. So if you’re a car guy or are trying to find a car guy gift you may want to try the best subscription box for car guys. For a small monthly fee you can get car goodies sent right to your door! The best car subscription box is the Petrol Box.

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Why do you ask? Below we have compiled a detailed review of why you should consider subscribing to the Petrol Box.

Image Product Features   Price
0a1ab7d5a4884a90b7118843d9b6582c_600_85 Petrol Box • High quality apparel
• Popular detailing products
• Useful tools
• One winner each month gets a FREE set of wheels
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High quality apparel

Car guys love representing their community. Petrol Box includes some high quality apparel that any gear head would love. Get shirts and other apparel with photo of some of the most popular cars or automotive sayings. The shirts are high quality and just by the touch you know that you are getting some good quality merch

Popular detailing products

To us our rides are representation of us. We like having our rides clean so we can show them off. That’s probably why you might catch us washing our cars a few times a week. In the Petrol Box you get some of the best detailing products. Get things like upholstery cleaner, wheel and tire shine or even exterior wash. With this subscription box for car guys you can keep your car fresh day in and day out.

Useful tools

A car guy can never have enough tools. From time to time our cars break down. By having some handy tools nearby we can rest assured that we’ll get our pride and joys back up and running. In this sub box you can get things like high quality hand tools to make your life easier. Maybe you’ll even get a 10mm socket to replace the tons that have disappeared to another dimension.

One winner each month gets a FREE set of wheels

In addition you’re entered to win a full free set of wheels. Who doesn’t like free stuff. Upgrade the styling of your ride with a set of wheels. By purchasing this sub box you have the chance of upgrading your ride. Hopefully after you subscribe to this box you become the lucky winner.



Depending on your price range there are different boxes to choose from. For the lower budget you can get the standard box. You will still get some of the best car merch available. If you are looking to get some upgraded stuff you can purchase the premium box. Get even more stuff all while still staying under a $40 budget! You easily get $40+ worth of stuff in one box.


The Petrol Box offers on the best items. From quality shirts, to tools, cleaners and accessories you know that you’re getting your money’s worth. In addition all of the items are carefully chosen so that when you open your box each time you’re always surprised. Only the best items go into the subscription box for car guys.


By just purchasing the box each month you’re entered info the giveaway. Could you be the lucky winner who gets a free set of wheels. Subscribe to the Petrol Box and find out for yourself!



One of the few cons of this sub box is that the box only ships out once a month. It might be a little greedy but we can’t get enough of this great car stuff! Perfect for any car guy


In conclusion if you are looking for the best subscription box for car guys you can’t go wrong with the Petrol Box. It provides everything a car guy needs. Makes a perfect car guy gift. We would wouldn’t judge if you decided to just spoil yourself.

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