Man manages to drive on expired plates for 30 years

A while back we shared a story about a man who got pulled over because he hadn’t renewed his plates since 1993. Well, it seems like he got one-upped by a man in Toronto.

His registration stickers read Aug 1989. That means he managed to drive on expired plates for close to thirty years. Granted the owner of the car would have been 8 years old in 1989.

That aside he ended up getting fined $65 and he will be renewing the car from now on. On the other hand, had he been paying renewal fees for 30 years it would have come up to about $3,600. That means by driving illegally he saved $3,535.

While we wouldn’t suggest trying it out for yourself it seems as though the owner made it out quite alright. How long have you driven without renewing your plates? Let us know in in the comments below!

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