Looking for the best tailgate benches?

If you are an avid car or truck enthusiast you probably enjoy spending time in the garage. Having a decorated mancave in your garage gives you the perfect place to get away. How about adding one of these tailgate benches to your garage?

Tailgate Bench

tailgate bench

This Chevrolet tailgate bench is perfect for any Chevy fan. It gives you a unique place to sit. Add it to you man-cave or anywhere in your house. This bench is sure to spark up a conversation.

They use fiberglass, steel and wood to create these tailgate benches. In addition the lights are actually functional! The bench is completely handmade. Color customization available.

Tailgate Hanging Bench

tailgate bench

If you are looking for something more compact you could try out this drop down tailgate bench. You can mount it to any wall. In addition it’s strong enough to sit on. You could even use it as a workbench or bar.

If you are a fan of the 1942 through 1950 Ford pickup you’ll love this bench!

Tailgate Bench

tailgate bench

The next on our list of tailgate benches is this handmade custom bench. Also made of fiberglass, wood and steel. You can choose from different car manufacturers. In addition you can have the bench painted your favorite color!

This bench is perfect for indoor and outdoor applications. We’re sure people will appreciate how unique these pieces are!

Vintage Tailgate Bench

tailgate bench

The last bench on our list is for those who like the rustic styling. Travel back in time with one of these vintage tailgate benches. They are handmade and can be customized to your liking.

The tailgates are genuine so you can see that each one has its own story. The bench can also be made with an iron frame.

Do you have a car themed man-cave? Let us know what your favorite piece is in the comments below!

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