Guy tries to remove his Super Duty Cab using a tree limb

The way that cars are built now there is little space to work on the engines. It usually takes small hands to get work done. Pulling the engine is an option. Although if you don’t have a cherry picker it might make it difficult.

One man out of Texas needed to work on his Ford Super Duty. He decided that it would be too cumbersome to remove the engine. He then decides to remove the cab. After two hours of unbolting everything he was ready to lift the cab.

He didn’t have any friends to help him out so he recruited a branch of a nearby oak tree. The branch was about 20″ in diameter so he assumed it was strong enough for the job.

It was not. It was all going good for a while until the branch snapped. It crashed down and damaged some of the truck. Luckily no one was injured. The owner of the truck didn’t seem too upset about the whole incident. He is quoted as saying,

“Couple solid kicks, some gentle hammering, and maybe a little…[bondo]! he told Jalopnik. “Eventually I may swap to a different cab. But for now she’ll be justttt fine”.

Have you ever tried to lift an engine or a car by unusual means? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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