Jeep Wrangler’s engine explodes after revving to 54,000RPM

The Jeep Wrangler with the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6’s has a redline of 6,600. Although that didn’t stop this Jeep from having it’s engine revved to 54,000RPM. You may be asking how is this possible. Well the vehicle was recently dropped off at a Florida dealership due to the engine damage.

The Wrangler was towed behind the owner’s RV. You typically see cars and other vehicles towed behind RVs. There is usually no issue. Although this time the Jeep was in 4-Low and in first gear. That means at 60mph the engine would have be rotating at 54,000 revelutions per minute.

The engine was completely annihilated. Pistons were sent through the block and the crankshaft was destroyed. The transmission bellhousing was destroyed when the clutch and flywheel got jumbled around. In addition the input shaft ended up getting torn to bits.

All in all the damages start at $30,000. That isn’t including any labor that the owner would incur. While it isn’t too certain whether or not the owner will be willing dish out the money to have the SUV repaired. Needless to say it probably won’t be a mistake he ever makes again.

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