Man crushed while trying to steal a catalytic converter

There is an epidemic going around. We’re referring to the thousand of catalytic converters stolen off cars each day. While the parts themselves aren’t worth that much money it’s the rare metals inside which are going for a hefty price. Some of the metals are worth more than gold. A man died after trying to steal a catalytic converter off of a Prius.

Thieves seeing this know it’s a quick way to make a buck. You typically see trucks full of catalytic converters going to the scrapyard. While in most states you need a license to sell the converters we’re sure that some yards are willing to let some slide in without asking questions.

The business itself is risky. You only have so much time to jack the car up and to cut off the catalytic converter. This doesn’t stop theives from divising ways to get these converters quickly. With that it isn’t always safe line of work,

Typically when you jack up a car you want to use jack stands. These stands help keep the vehicle supported in the event of a jack failing. Most car jacks aren’t meant to hold up the vehicle for period of time. Let alone being used over and over again puts wear on the jack. After time the jack can fail causing the car to drop.

Well theives aren’t always concerned about safety so they usually crawl under a car with just a jack supporting thousands of pounds. One man found out the hard way that it pay to play. In Anaheim California he was cutting the catalytic converter off a Toyota Prius. The converters on the Toyota Prius is one of the most sought after because it’s worth more than most.

The man jacked up the car and crawled underneath. Little did he know that the bottom of the car would be the last thing he saw. The jack failed and the car crushed the man ending his life. Police were called to the scene where they confirmed that he was deceased.


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