Is drag racing illegal?

Is drag racing illegal

A lot of people have the need for speed. But is drag racing illegal? Drag racing is a racing competition usually between two cars. They try to complete the race in the quickest time possible. Sometimes the race is a quarter mile. Although some race eighth of a mile.

Drag racing is not illegal. It’s done in a controlled environment which is specifically made for racing. They usually call the area a drag strip. During some private events drag racing can be done on an airstrip or private track.

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On the other hand street racing is illegal. It’s usually done on public roads. In addition it can sometimes danger the public. With the uncontrolled environment there is a larger risk of something going bad. This is why some states have big repercussions for those caught street racing.

Is drag racing illegal. It’s not illegal as long as you do it right. On a drag strip to a closed course.

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