Cop gets stuck on a beach after getting ready to yell at some teens for fishing.

All over the United States there are stay-at-home orders. They’re are trying to slow the spread of COVID19 although you can’t expect everyone to stay inside their home for months on end. Sometimes you just want to get outside and fish. Well some guys decided to do just that.

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The men were fishing on the beach in Georgia. Although there is an order to stay home they just wanted to go fishing for a little while. A Georgia State Trooper caught wind of this and decided to drive over to them and give them a what-for.

The cop drove his Ford Explorer over towards the “rebel fisherman” and ended up getting stuck in some wet sand. The teens which were going to get ticketed or “broken up” decided to step in and try to help the trooper. They tried to use their Hummer to pull the officer out. Although they ended up getting stuck themselves.

An individual with a white Ford Excursion decided to help the best he could. He managed to get the Hummer out of the sand but the Explorer remained stuck.

After the Excursion tried to assist the officer it managed to get stuck. After all of this they enlisted the help of a backhoe. Everything was going good until, yep you guessed it, the backhoe stranded itself in the sand. Needless to say most of the vehicles were quite damaged due to being submerged.

The original Facebook post stated.

So, word on the beach is a GSP SUV got stuck on the beach and solicited help and got an Excursion stuck and needed more help and got a back hoe stuck.

Now they are all in the surf! All because a group of young men were fishing near the old North Picnic Area on Jekyll Island.

So, to break up or ticket the pack of rebel fishermen this GSP officer will cost the taxpayers of the State of Georgia hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more.

You can’t make this stuff up!

All this for just some guys wanted to relax and fish. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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