How to lock a car while running

For one reason or another, it is always lovely to be able to lock your car when it’s running. If it’s winter and you don’t have a remote start then being able to warm your car up without the fear of someone driving off with it is a necessity.

How to lock a car while running? You can lock it by taking the key fob out of the car and pressing the lock button. If this doesn’t work for your specific vehicle there are different procedures which we have listed below.

Always make sure that when you are testing these methods you have another adult in the car. That way if there is an issue you can have them open the door. Otherwise, you may have to hire a locksmith to get you back into the car.

Metal key method

If you don’t have a key fob then you probably start your car with the old metal keys. This method will work if you have an extra key. Simply turn the car on with one of the keys and take the other key outside of the car. Lock the doors and the car will stay running. Granted if your windows are down or someone breaks in they can drive off with your car.

Electronic key fob method

Some first-generation cars came with key fobs. You can get in the car with the key fob and start it up. After the car is started you should be able to get out of the car with the fob. The car should stay running. You can then press the lock button and your car should be secure.

New Electronic key fob method

Some newer cars won’t let you lock the car when the fob is outside of the vehicle. The trick to this is locking all of the doors while you are inside. You then unlock the driver-side door using the manual latch. Step out of the car and shut the door. You can then get the metal key out of your key fob and lock the door manually. This will allow the car to stay one with the doors locked.

The only way to get back into the car is to either have someone open the door from the inside or to manually unlock the door with the metal key. Either way, if you have a car that won’t let you lock the doors from the outside this is a good method to have. Just make sure that you have someone in the car to test it. Otherwise, you might be locked out.

Window method

If you have a key fob that allows you to control the windows then the following method may work for you. Start the car and roll the window down. Step outside of the car with the fob and lock the door by putting your hand through the window. After the car is locked you can roll the window back up and the car will be locked while running. You can then unlock the car with the metal key.

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