How not to load a truck on a trailer.

Do you know how to load a truck on a trailer? Loading anything on a trailer usually takes some common sense. Unfortunately it isn’t all that common. Usually you lower or create a sturdy ramp. Make sure everything is stationary. You can then slowly load the vehicle on the trailer.

Well a couple guys decided they were going to create their own strategy for loading a Ford F-350 Superduty HD on the back of a heavy duty trailer. First of all the truck isn’t being loaded from a level surface.  The truck is clearly pointed at the ground when they start driving it towards the ramps.

In addition the truck that is towing the trailer appears to have 2 wheels on gravel. Believe it or not gravel does not provide the best traction. So when the truck inches closer at too quick of a speed it pushes the trailer which causes it to move forward.

As you can see in the video below the ramp gets caught on the ground. As the trailer continues to move forward the ramps decide to hike it up to about a 90 degree angle straight into the bed of the truck. Also instead of trying to stop the driver of the F-350 decides that he is going to “Send it!” This provides ample force to the ramps which easily penetrate the body of the truck bed.

The damage leaves the truck looking mangled. In conclusion more patience and a better thought process may have prevented this. We are sure that repairs of the vehicle aren’t going to be cheap. How would you load a truck on a trailer?

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