How Many Brake Pads Per Wheel?

Brakes are an essential part of any vehicle. You may be able to drive without them. Although, you won’t be able to stop. Brakes wear down after a while so they must be replaced when they run out of life. You may be in the need to get new brakes for your car.

How many brake pads per wheel? For most vehicles, there are two brake pads for each wheel. This is one pad for the backside and another for the outside. If you are going to purchase a set of brake pads for yourself make sure that you get one box of pads for either the front or the rear of the vehicle.

Most boxes of brake pads come with a pair for either side. This means 2 pads for the left side on the rear and 2 pads for the right side on the rear. If all 8 of your pads are bad then you’ll be purchasing two boxes of pads. The front pads are a different size from the rear so make sure that the pads will fit your vehicle.

Brake pads work by squeezing your brake rotor. This is the shiny circle behind your wheel. As you press the brakes it causes the pads to push against the rotor. This causes friction which slows you down. Because of this friction, the pads wear down over time. If there is not enough braking compound left you might start to hear a squeal or a high-pitch noise. This is the metal of the brake pad scraping against the rotor.

Left unchecked this can damage your rotor and decrease your braking ability. If you are able to catch it in time you might only have to replace the pads. If the rotor is damaged you’ll have to shell out more money to purchase a new one.

How many brake pads per wheel?

Because of the way disc braking systems work there are two brake pads per wheel. Typically the front pads will wear more quickly than the front. This is because a majority of your braking happens at the front wheels. About 80 percent of braking comes from the front while the rear provides 20 percent.

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