Guy’s Tesla Model 3 bumper flew off in the rain.

When you buy a car new your expect it to be reliable for a while. It usually has a warranty and goes without any issues. Although there are some lemons out there. Apparently some Tesla Model 3 owners have been having issues with their cars.

For some reason their rear bumpers just fall off. More than likely faulty hardware is to blame. Tesla has said that they would look into the issue and assist customers with their vehicles.

Well one driver of a Tesla Model 3 with only 14,000 miles was slowing down and making a right turn. It was raining and and he happened to drive through a puddle. There was instantly a loud noise which made the driver think he got rear ended.

He pulled into the parking lot to find that the back bumper hand been partially ripped off. As it dangled there he got a hold of Tesla roadside assistance. They stated that the issue wasn’t covered under warranty. It was considered an “Act of God.”

The owner posted pictures on Twitter and tagged Elon Musk. No idea if this was what made Tesla have a change of heart but they did end up repairing the guys car. Should bumpers just fly off a new car? Let us know your thoughts below.

Credit: Rahul

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