Get your EV recharged wherever you are using mobile charing by SparkCharge.

Have you ever been interested in purchasing an electric vehicle (EV)? You might already own one. One of the biggest obstacles to making electric cars mainstream is charging. While you might be able to drive a mile and fill up your gasoline car finding a place to charge your EV can be a little more difficult.

Although a new Startup is hoping to change that. The Massachusetts startup called SparkCharge hopes to make mobile EV charging a new service. SparkCharge was featured on SharkTank and ended up snagging Mark Cuban as an investor.

Using the service is a breeze. You download the app and request a charge. They will charge up your car with enough miles to get to a charging station. The workers show up with battery packs called Roadies. These Roadies are modular batteries designed by SparkCharge.

Depending on the size of the charge your need different size battery packs can be used. The amount of juice the battery packs can hold goes from 7 to 14 kWh. The price of the service will be based on the number of miles you need to get to the nearest charger. You’d be looking at about $.50 per mile.

The companies say that they will be renting out battery packs and equipment for under $500 a month. As quoted by Lawrence on Jalopnik,

This could be the future of charging, a self-employment opportunity in the EV business or both.

Although does it really make sense to drive a gasoline-powered car to go charge an EV? It seems a little counterintuitive. If the whole reason EVs are becoming more mainstream is to help the environment and cut down on emissions how is having a gas-powered van driving across the city to charge your car going to do any good?

On the other hand if the vehicle you were driving was an EV you could cut down on the emissions. Although you’re still using twice as much electricity. What do you think about this new Startup? Let us know in the comments below.


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