Drunk man tries to drive his Range Rover up a ski slope

Usually when you hear about anyone driving up or near a ski slope you probably envision a snowmobile or an atv. These are special made to tackle specific types of terrain. Well a man in Vermont was charged with a DUI while attempting to do this in his SUV. We picture something like an episode out of Amazon’s the Grand Tour. One of the hosts tried to drive a Ford Raptor up a ski slope.

Unfortunately for this intoxicated man there was no script and he didn’t get paid afterwords. Witness watched as the driver attempted to drive up the Hocus Pocus trail. A nearby employee of a local tavern stated,

He got a couple of hundred feet up the terrain park and turned around

Officers were contacted and arrived on scene. They noticed that the 59 year old man was exhibiting signs of being under the influence. He was arrested and charged. This will be the second DUI on the man’s record. A slight bit of damage was done to the slope but they were able to get it pretty quickly.

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