62nd Daytona 500 complete. Denny Hamlin secures win but not before Ryan Newman has devastating crash

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Crashes are bound to happen. Especially when you are traveling at speeds upwards of 200mph. During the final laps of the Daytona 500 there were three drivers leading the pack. Racing head to head only one could come out on top. Denny Hamilton managed to secure first place. This is Hamlin’s 3rd win in NASCAR‘s biggest race. Plus it is his second win in a row!

In the final lap Ryan Newman took the lead and had what some who think a sure win. The driver behind him, Ryan Blaney, was closing in fast and before you know it Newman spins out and rams the wall. His car goes airborne but not before getting hit by some of the other cars. Hamlin ended up slipping by Newman and he secures the win. Meanwhile Newman’s car slid across the track on it’s back spewing sparks before it caught on fire.

Newman was not immediately pulled from the vehicle which is a case for concern. Keeping Ryan in our prayers. Leave a comment below.

Source: Fox

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