Dodge designers wants owners to remove their SRT splitter guards.


There is noting like the smell of a new car. In addition sometimes there are some pieces to protect the car which should be removed before the vehicle is purchased. Well for some Dodge owners there are splitter guards which were added by the factory to prevent damage while being shipped to the dealers. Oddly enough some owners chose to keep their guards on as an aesthetic piece. Others didn’t even know that the guards should be removed. Well the Dodge lead designer says he wants the owners to remove their srt splitter guards.

The designer, Mark Trostle, says that the guards were meant to be removed before the vehicle is purchased. Mark believes that leaving the guards on the car not only go against what the vehicle was intended to look like but more specifically they mess up the body lines.

A facebook post was created by Tyler Grant, who is the Internet sales manager at a Dodge dealer, explaining why the guards should be removed. Grant stated that the guards are not perfectly fitted to the body of the car. Therefore they are not aerodynamic and tend to have a build up of road debris which can harm your paint. Dodge said in a statement that they are going to be changing the color of the guards to a purple which they believe will make owners more inclined to remove them.

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2 thoughts on “Dodge designers wants owners to remove their SRT splitter guards.”

  1. So you basically found something that dodge owners love and you’re going to take it away… Another great screw up from Chrysler, or Fiat. Got to remember they have a hard time paying their bills because they can’t keep a good thing going.


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