Dodge Challenger Hellcat catches fire on the dyno.

  • • Dodge Challenger Hellcat catches fire on the dyno.
  • • A strap breaks causing some damage

Most car enthusiast love speed. From adding performance parts to losing weight. We do it all in the name of performance. With a dyno we can test and tune the parts we added to squeeze the maximum amount of power out of our cars. Have you ever had your car dynoed? Hopefully you didn’t end up like this one owner. The owner of this vehicle was probably irate as his Dodge Challenger Hellcat catches fire on the dyno.

With the Hellcat pushing out 707hp+ it’s a pretty high amount of power for a dyno. Although newer dynos are capable of working with that power sometimes other things break.

The owner of the Challenger was having his car dynoed when a strap breaks. The car begins to slide to the left but not before the strap gets mangled around the caliper. You can watch as the rotor begins to heat up exponentially producing a red glow. Luckily they were able to stop the car but the damage had been done. Because of the amount of heat a fire breaks out. Luckily for the owner the shop was ready and prepared with fire extinguishers. They spray the fire multiple times before it is finally put out.

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