Dodge Challenger runs from the police. Ends up escaping.

Police chases aren’t that uncommon. Typically they end with the criminal having a few blown tires while being stranded on the road. Police sometimes deploy spike trips which practically renders the car useless.

On the other hand sometimes it’s just a waiting game. The criminal might try to flee on foot. Although that is a little difficult when a police helicopter is involved. In this instance there wasn’t time call in a helicopter.

A few cars are leaving what looks like a car meet. One Dodge Challenger Hellcat blocks traffic and allows some of his buddies to pull out. The police which have already been called regarding the meet try to pull the Hellcat over.

Although depending on the version of the Dodge Challenger he easily has the power of the cop cars beat. Police pursue him and follow the guy onto the highway. After the Dodge gets some open road he slams the throttle and speeds away from the cops.

He gets enough of a lead that the cops end up calling of the chase. While he might still get caught later it appears like he successfully got his GTA wanted stars removed (escaped.)

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