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Looking at cleaning your car? Check out the best chemical guys wax chart. It shows the steps to clean your car. From wash to wax we share it all! After reading through the steps let us know what your favorite Chemical Guys product is.

Step 1. Washing your car

Washing you car is your first step. You want to try to remove loose particles so that you don’t scratch your paint. It best to use the two bucket method. Have a clean water bucket and a dirty water bucket both with a dirt trap. This will help keep the dirt that you wash off in your car in the bucket.

Citrus WashHeavy Duty BucketDirt Trap

Step 2. Clay Bar

It’s just how it sounds. It’s a clay bar you can use to clean your car. It helps remove the extra dirt your wash didn’t get rid of. There is some dirt that you can see that gets embedded in the paint. With a clay bar you can feel the difference. As you glide it over your paint there will be some rough spots. After rubbing the clay bar over the area it should feel smooth. This is an important step in our chemical guys wax chart.

Clay Bar Kit

If you have,

Good PaintModerate PaintBad Paint
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Step 3. Compound

Compound should be used on bad paint. This cutting compound cuts away at the clear coat. When you take off a small portion of the clear you can restore the shine of your vehicle. Although you must be careful not to “cut” too far because you might end up removing the clear coat completely.

V32 Extreme CompoundV34 Extreme Compound

Step 4. Swirl Remover

This is for moderately worn paint. That means it’s not new or perfect but it’s also not terribly dull. The swirl remover is perfect for paint that has a a moderate amount of mileage on it. After tons of washes your paint slowly fades over time. You can use this swirl remover to rejuvenate your paint.

VSS Swirl Remover

Step 5. Finishing polish

If you have moderate quality and are happy with the swirl remover’s results you can skip this step. Otherwise you can use Chemical Guy’s finishing polish. It comes in multiple levels to provide the best paint polish. This further increase the shine of your vehicle.

V36 Optical Grade Cutting PolishV38 Optical Grade Final Polish

Step 6. Glaze

The 6th step in the chemical guys wax chart is glaze. Using glaze on your vehicle is important . It hides blemishes by filling them. By filling the surface spots that would normally stand out when the light hits them are hidden. This gives your car a even look.


Step 6. Seal

You spend all of this time working on your car to make it look its best. But without sealant you aren’t protecting it from the elements or the suns harmful UV rays. That’s where sealant comes in. It covers the car and protects it from mother nature. In addition it gives the wax a solid foundation so that the wax can adhere to the car.

Jetseal Sealant

Step 7. Wax

Wax is an important last step. It adds another layer of protection against the elements and the sun. With the right wax you can get a jaw-dropping shine that you see in the magazine. You can make your car look like its been to the shinning factory and they’re giving out free samples.

Butter Wet Wax

Step 8. (Optional)

Keeping your car clean between washes doesn’t have to be a paint. If you keep a bottle of quick detailer in your car you can keep your ride spotless. The quick detailer usually has a some wax to give your car some shine. In addition it has cleaner so you can remove the dirt with a towel. We recommend keeping some type of quick detailer in your car if you care about the look of your ride.

Speed wipe detailer

We hope this chemical guys wax chart will be an easy guide to follow. Let us know your favorite Chemical Guys product in the comments below!

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