Chemical Guys vs Griots

When it comes to detailing your car, which is better, products from Chemical Guys or products from Griots? Obviously, every person has their own opinion. Just like anything else, some people dramatically prefer products from either Chemical Guys or Griots over the competition.

That said, most people feel like both companies make good products and in many cases, people have a tendency to feel like the products from Chemical Guys are just a little bit better. If all of this has left you wondering which products you should choose for your own automobile, you need not worry. By the time you’re finished reading this, you will have gained a much better understanding of why these opinions are so popular.

Types of Products Sold by Chemical Guys and Griots

The types of products that both of these companies sell involves detailing and maintaining the appearance of your car. Of course, the products can also be used on other things as well, namely boats and even aircraft. They are routinely used on automobiles, especially in the detailing industry. If you really want your car to look its best and you are interested in protecting its paint and interior, the products from both companies tend to work well.

You can use washes, waxing compounds, and conditioners for the interior. These types of products can make a tremendous difference in the overall condition of your car, especially when you think about things over a period of time. A car that is well cared for and kept out of the elements can still look like new, even years later. Conversely, a car that has been left sitting out in the baking hot sun without being well cared for can begin to show its age after only a year or two. Why does it matter? The appearance of your car will make a big difference in the amount of money that you can get for it when it’s time to trade it off for something newer. Besides, who wants to drive around in a car that looks like it’s on its last leg?

Is One Product Better Than the Other?

Again, it all comes down to personal preference. Some people absolutely swear by Griots, but it seems like more people swear by Chemical Guys. Make no mistake about it, both companies sell products that perform well. However, there are some minor differences that can make people prefer one over the other.

For example, the waxing compound made by Griots has a tendency to be rather difficult to work with. It’s extremely stiff and it doesn’t tend to lend itself to being applied to the surface of the car very easily. Some experts in the industry suggest using additional silicone-based products that can be sprayed on the compound so that it can then be applied more easily.

However, this adds an extra step and it also adds to the cost of getting the job done correctly. It only makes sense to use a product that can be easily applied without the extra work. Chemical Guys sell waxing compounds that look just as good as anything made by Griots, yet can be easily applied without adding any extra steps.

Soaps and Similar Products

Again, most people seem to prefer the soaps and washes made by Chemical Guys over Griots. Both products are high-quality, but the ones produced by Chemical Guys seem to go a little bit further than the competition.

In short, it doesn’t take quite as much of their products to achieve the same goals. This is important, especially if you’re detailing more than one automobile. In addition, it becomes of paramount importance in a cost conscious world where people are trying to save every dime they possibly can. All of those little expenses have a tendency to add up.

Using products that are used up faster or that require purchasing something additional to make them work obviously adds to the overall cost of detailing any automobile. It just doesn’t make good financial sense when you can purchase similar products from Chemical Guys and save money in the process.

What About the Cost?

Since cost is such an important thing to discuss in today’s world, you should know that the products from both Chemical Guys and Griots are similarly priced. The difference is in the fact that you can purchase one product from Chemical Guys and get the same result as you would if you purchased two products from the competition.

By the same token, you can purchase one bottle of wash per month from Chemical Guys and then find that you would have to purchase two bottles in that same time frame from Griots in order to get the same results. In addition, it’s usually easier to find products made by Chemical Guys at your local auto supply store. Many of the automotive chain stores carry products made by Chemical Guys.

It can be more difficult to find the products made by Griots. The end result is that you spend more time looking for a product that may not perform quite as well. Even though it is a good product, you’re likely to be able to find something made by Chemical Guys that is just a little bit better. When you consider the fact that their products are easier to find, slightly more effective and more cost-effective in the long run, it only makes sense to use their products.

The car is serviced at the sink.

If you really want high quality automotive detailing products, you can go with either Griots or Chemical Guys. Chances are, you will be pleased with the results. In fact, both companies make products that are considered among the top tier in this particular niche.

That said, it simply doesn’t make sense to use a product that isn’t the absolute best you can find, provided that it is economically competitive with what you might have used in the past. As such, the products made by Chemical Guys are probably exactly what you’ve been looking for. They’re similar in price to the products made by Griots and they’re just slightly superior. You might notice a difference in the way your automobile looks right away or you might use the products for a month or so and realize that you’re saving money because you’re not using as much of a given product every time you use it. Either way, it’s a win-win situation.

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