Car2Go app hacked and apparently loses 100 cars.

Car2Go is a mobile application that allows users to rent cars around their area. Well their Chicago fleet of over 350 cars just took a big hit! The car sharing app just got hacked and somewhere around 100 cars have been stolen. CBS Chicago is reporting that some of the missing cars have been involved in crimes.

The thieves were able to open the car doors, start and drive off with the vehicles. There is a 29 square mile area where the cars are supposed to be dropped off. Unfortunately there wasn’t a safety set in place of the driver drives outside the area. This allows the user to exit the area and steal the car.

Since the issue has been found the application has been disabled in the Chicago area. No personal or confidential user info is said to have been compromised. CBS Chicago later sent out a tweet saying 12 people were in custody with links to the thefts.

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