Car brake checks a semi and gets plowed straight into a barrier

Brake checking is the action of slamming on your brakes in front of someone. It’s a form of road rage that people use when they want to send a message. Although depending on who you’re brake checking you may end up off the road. People should refrain from road rage all together. To be honest it’s never really worth it.

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One driver got upset at a semi for one reason or another. In the Netherlands a man sped around a semi and cuts the semi off. Soon after you can see their brake lights firing up as they try to brake check the truck. The semi tries to avoid the car by switching lanes but the car is determined to ruin this truck driver’s day.

The truck once again tries to change lanes. The car does the same then slams on the brakes. Little does the driver of the car know that a depending on the weight of the semi the stopping distance can be pretty lengthy.

The semi ends up slamming into the back of the car. The car then drives off the road and runs straight into a barrier. Seems like karma had something to say about his actions. Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Geekologie

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