3,500 cars catch fire at Florida International Airport

Car fires aren’t all that common. They are usually caused by a mechaincal issue or a fuel leak. Although the reason for a fire at the Florida International Airport is still under investigation. What is known is that 3,516 vehicles were damaged due to the blaze.

Emergency personel recieved a call about a brush fire near one of the Airport’s parking lots. At the first report there were 20 cars on fire. By the time the fire department arrived the amount of cars caught on fire was over 100. The fire department airdropped 80 loads of fire supressant material to stop the blaze.

Even with the help from a helicopter it took the team over 18 hours to completely douse the fire. At the end over 3500 cars were completely destroyed. Although they did manage to save about 3800. Have you ever seen a fire like this? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: News-press

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